Breakfast Buffet Menu

This menu includes white linen table cloths and napkins. 
Pop, coffee, lemonade, orange juice and iced tea are included.  

We have two free rooms for Up to 100 guests

Breakfast Buffet Menu

$16.99 per person

Minimum of 30 People

Scrambled Eggs, Aspen Scrambled Eggs, Bacon, Home Fried Potatoes, French Toast or French Toast Sticks, Danishes, Fruit

Pop, Coffee, Ice Tea, Lemonade and Orange Juice

Additional Breakfast Upgrades:
Sausage (sub $1) or (add $2)
Pancakes (sub $1) or (add $2)
Coffee Cake (add $2)

Add Entree options to make it a brunch.  See Chef Scott for details.

Bar Options:
We can customize bar options for your event.  Anything from open bar to cash bar, beer only, wine only, beer & wine, punch bowls, etc..
Ask our event coordinator for more details.

Dessert Menu for all Parties
  ~Per Person Price~

Small Sander’s Hot Fudge Sundae  $ 2.00
Sander’s Brownie Sundae  $ 3.99

We can customize dessert options for your event.  You may also bring in a cake and we will cut it and serve it to your guest at no charge.

Terms and Conditions

There is no charge for the room.

All entrees come with redskin potatoes, vegetable and salad with your choice of dressing.

You may decorate, in good taste, with the exceptions of open lit center piece candles and confetti.

You may bring in a cake and we will cut and serve it at no additional charge.

You must put down a $ 100 non-refundable deposit in order to make the reservation.

More elaborate menus are available upon request
When you book your party we must have a start and finish time, so as not to overlap any parties.

We pride ourselves on making your experience with us enjoyable. Your assistance and cooperation in providing
accurate and timely details is greatly appreciated. We must be advised on any changes before your party arrives.

Privacy available for parties of 40 to 100 in our back room and 20 to 40 in our front room. All parties must have a guaranteed guest count.

See one of our great staff members for more details.